Projects Available to Order



Bracelets are 4 strand round braids. A plain bracelet is $25, or a bracelet with two charms of your choice is $30. Each additional charm added after the original two is $2/each. 



Earrings are made in either the tassel or bosal style with your choice of added beads. The ear findings are silver. Earrings are $45 a pair.

Shoo Fly


A shoo fly project can be made with your choice of colored cording. Each shoo fly is 10-12 inches long with a sturdy snap hook. A shoo fly project is $25

Final Braid


A final braid project is a nice way to use the remaining tail hair for display in a shadowbox. Each final braid goes through a cleansing process, a blow out, and then is braided with wire to hold its shape and adorned with a ribbon of your choice. A final braid project is $25.

Hat Band


A hat band project is a traditional braid with a magnetic clasp to secure it to your hat. This project works best to send Julia the hat as well as the hair to get an exact fit. A hat band project is $25.



Each keychain is $10 and comes in the tassel or bosal variety. Each keychain comes with one charm or one bead of your choice. 

Sterling Silver Ring


A sterling silver comfort fit band with inlaid horse hair. These rings take about 3-4 weeks to arrive and then Julia will make the braid and fit it to the band. A ring project requires $40 as a deposit to order the band with the remaining $60 due at the time of completion. $100 total 

Watch Band


A leather watch band may be sent in or ordered to have a custom braid added. The price will be the cost of the watch which varies, as well as $30 due at completion. 

Silver Hoop Earrings


Silver base with a very fine fishtail braid inlaid. The cost of the silver will be due before ordering, and $40 at the time of completion. 

Glasses Cord


A glasses cord can be made with a very long section of tail. Glasses cords usually measure between 26-27 inches long when braided. They will have end caps added with small clasps to hook to rubber keepers. These cords are $40 each. 

Silver Cuff Bracelet

Silver Heart Pendant


A silver heart pendant inlaid with horse hair. Silver cost must be paid up front to order with $40 due at completion. 

Silver Cuff Bracelet


This beautiful cuff makes the perfect keepsake! The silver base needs to be ordered up front. There are three sizes of S, M, L available. The hair will be braided and laid into the channel. The cost of the silver is usually around $40-50 with the remaining $60 labor due at completion.